Montana Karate in Billings

     You will have fun while making rapid and sometimes amazing progress by training sincerely in our relaxed, informal atmosphere.

     Grow and develop naturally as you advance with our stringent rank system measuring your success.

More advanced use of ball of foot during private lesson.

Heel breaks 1" pine board---after 180 degree backward spin.  

The entire body generates power to apply through student's small, resilient "striking point" against an attacker's nerve center (solar plexus) for maximum effect.   

Jean as a white belt already showing promise.

Basic straight punch in proper form. 

Green belt receives individual help from fellow student.

Ball of foot smashes through 1" pine board. 


​                           Billings----Livingston

Black belt shows blue belt correct hand position for formal practice method.

Now a green belt, Danny uses the edge of his foot (foot sword) to easily break 2 1" pine boards.