This move is learned as a part of the first formal exercise, called Pinan (Heian) Shodan.  

My counter-attack is more efficient and arrives before Nathan's kick.  In Martial Arts, we say my strike leaves after his does but arrives first:  this is efficiency that is accomplished by learning to read his preliminary movements.  A weight shift, foot twist, hip or shoulder motion or hand movement can give plenty of warning to an alert defender.

Even simple warm-up exercises, such as that shown, serves a dual purpose.  It increases flexibility and teaches control of the lower abdominal muscles.  Note the straight back and the chin resting firmly on the mat.

Karate Classes


​                           Billings----Livingston

Note that I am pushing downward with my elbow and Rick must push up against that resistance so I have superior leverage.  The Martial Arts saying is that the power of the elbow is downward power and modern physiology concurs----try this with a partner.  The reverse is true when your elbow is above your shoulder.

The efficient use of both hands (left to block and right to apply hammerfist strike) is efficient, based on the statement of Yin:  "I am not a shelf.  Do not put your dead meat on me."

My revered teacher, Grandmaster Seymour, meditating near Cascade, Montana.  Note the kuji-kiri, mystical hand signs thought to bring special power.

Our method is ancient and modern.  We integrate oriental philosophy, which is truly more science that metaphysics, with modern knowledge of physiology, physics and biology.  Our training is focused on the mind more than the body simply because the mind can either limit you or expand your abilities.  
   The Tao Te Ching, an ancient Taoist text, provides that the practice of learning consists of accumulating knowledge on a daily basis but pursuit of a higher Way (the "Tao")  consists in the daily elimination of wasted movement so that with knowledge less is done and more is achieved.  Western science calls this efficiency and we define perfect technique as being that to which nothing can be added and nothing subtracted without reducing the technique.  We eliminate all superfluous movements until only the essence of the technique survives.  That essence is perfect efficiency, generating and delivering maximum power to an attacker’s vulnerable areas using our own resilient body parts.