This is intended as the first  of a series of informal meetings for Masters and instructors to exchange information about technique and teaching methods in an open forum.  Attendees can participate as they choose by watching, discussing or practicing as they deem appropriate.  Martial Arts training and teaching have many valid methods and we hope everyone can benefit through an open and respectful exchange of information.

Sparring application of a technique called "folding" which will be demonstrated and discussed, along with any other topics that may arise, in a meeting of Masters and instructors to be scheduled in the near future.  If you qualify, PLEASE CHECK THIS SPACE for more information or email us at 

Student learns to evade, control punching arm and counter-attack all in one move with the kick on a precise horizontal plane for 90 degree contact for maximum penetration. 

This section will be regularly updated to illustrate our philosophy, strategy, techniques and training methods.  Please check back and feel free to email requests to if you would like something in particular to appear on these pages. 

Jean's beginning stretch.

Flexibility, balance and precision when two Black Belts spar.

Brown belt wins!  Jeans hand has hit and is returning as Black Belt's chop arrives.

Jean's progress.

Simultaneous block and strike using superior upward power of the elbow when it is above the shoulder.

Elbow of blocking hand is below the leg so leverage makes the block effective.  Superior elbow power is downward when it is below the shoulder.

Advanced block and counter-attack are even effective against a sword.

Quick evasion and use of "paralleling force" narrowly save defender from a devastating side kick.


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