Karate Classes

I hope to regularly updated to illustrate our philosophy, strategy, techniques and training methods.  Please check back and feel free to email requests to MTTangSooDo@gmail.com if you would like something in particular to appear on these pages. 

Forms combine block with punch.  Here, Jean does the same----note the right hand preparing to counter-attack.

Knowing the attacker's intention while concealing out own is critical because combat is based on deception and the advantage is always to the counter-fighter.  The first person to move is vulnerable against a skilled opponent.

Roundhouse kick with ball of foot strikes collar bone while backfist strikes temple.  This is only possible with an upright body position.

Jean's progress.


​                           Billings----Livingston

My counter-kick was timed and placed to stop Nathan's right roundhouse before it started which was possible because, based on his forward weight shift, left foot turn, right hip rotation and raising his center of gravity he was clearly striking with the right side.  It had to be a roundhouse kick because he rolled his shoulders forward and started to raise his right knee leaving a space between his knees. 

Cutting kick stops his attack and disables him in one move.

Power of side kick rocks 360#, sand-filled practice dummy.

I have many people who check this web site regularly, but few who communicate with me.  I assume this is because advanced practitioners have gone beyond this level and others do not yet understand what I illustrate.  However, if there is something you would like to see, please let me know and I will try to accommodate your request.

Nathan blocks Jean's front kick and disrupts her balance----note that her center of gravity is now too far back.

Timing is critical.  As shown below, the front thrust kick counter arrives after Nathan begins to move, while he is shifting his weight forward to impale himself on my kick and before his kick is far enough to put me at risk.